Happy North Coast

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The 2017 North Coast Endless Event Happiness consists of four series of events, such as Feeling Blessed Sunset Walk in June, Jinshan Beach Concert in July, Heping Island Music Festival in August and Dawulun Starry Night in September, integrating incomparably beautiful scenes of North Coast to light up attractions of North Coast and deliver the happiness of North Coast to domestic and overseas tourists to the beauty of North Coast. We hope that every tourist can write their own stories in North Coast this year and has happy and wonderful memories.

Happy North Coast



Feeling Blesse Fun Walk

June 24(Sat)


Baisha Bay Visitor Center

Jinshan Youth Activity Center Beach Concert

 July 15(Sat)


Jinshan Beach

Heping Island Earth Music Festival

August 5(Sat)


Heping Island Park

Dawulun Starry Night

September 30(Sat)


 Keelung Dawulun Parking Lot

 Happy North Coast Story


They met in North Coast in 2017.

He and I were in the Feeling Blessed Sunset Walk that year,” she glowed with a happy smile.

The sunshine and breeze were quite fascinating.

We walked toward Fugui Cape Lighthouse along the coastal line  to enjoy the beautiful day.

The bewitchingly beautiful scenes soothed her tired mind.

He stared at her at first sight.

She seemed to be the most eye-catching star among thousands of participants.

She was in this event alone and moved on with a confident smile.

The 5km walk route seemed to be a journey to happiness for him.

As the sun went down, she stared at the golden sky at Wind Art Army Camp after the walking and silently drank her coffee. He summoned all his courage to walk toward her.

“Hi! What a beautiful sunset.”

He and she sat together on the Jinshan beach.

Songs of the sulfuric fire in summer surrounded the two.

The sky was getting darker and sulfuric-fire fishing boats lighted up the entire dark night.

As if her smile lighted up his heart, they were on their first date.

Walking in Heping Island Park brings tourists to a special geological feature of the marvelous Tofu Rock and mushroom-shaped rock clusters called the “pile of ten-thousand people,”

At the concert, I saw her jumpping and screaming,

“I want to be with you to listen to the music and enjoy life.” He stared at her and expressed cordially.

The sky full of shining stars over Dawulun lighted up the two,

“You are the brightest star in my heart,” he proclaimed his love for her with a rose.

Today, she wears a white wedding gown and looks so dazzling at Wedding Plaza, Shimen.

He was neatly attired and said smilingly, “The North Coast series events that year gave me the opportunity to meet the most wonderful happiness in my life.”


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