Jinshan Youth Activity Center Beach Concert

Jinshan Youth Activity Center beach on a summer afternoon
Surrounding the Candlestick Twin Isles
Four sulfuric-fire vessels break the waves
After a loud bang
The sparkling flames
The sulfuric fire in an instance

The sound of music in the wind
The dark ocean at night
Light up the most eye-catching fire in the darkness
A school of fish leaps in and out the water
A valuable sulfuric-fire fishing culture
The most brilliant fire of North Coast at night in the summer

Jinshan Beach Concert

  • Date: July 15, 2017(Saturday), PM16:00~PM19:30
  • Location: Jinshan Beach (No. 326, Huanggang Rd., Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City)
  • Participants: Domestic and overseas tourists, free of charge
  • Cast: Nora Says,野丫頭芊霏,廖士賢,Rock Shop,陳思瑋, joint pop music performance by four colleges (Tamkang University, Aletheia University, St. John’s University, National Taiwan Ocean University).
  • Rundown :





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 Event Route Map


By Bus

  1. 於台北國道客運總站搭乘國光客運「台北-金青中心1815班車」於「磺港路站」下車。[直接到會場]

  2. 於台北健保大樓搭乘皇家客運「陽明山-金山1717班車」於「金山區公所」或「金山(郵局)」下車。[直接轉搭接駁車]

  3. 於台大或台電大樓搭乘基隆客運「金山-國道3號-臺灣大學1068班車」於「金山區公所」或「金山郵局」下車。[ 直接轉搭接駁車]

  4. 於板橋公車站搭乘基隆客運「金山、萬里-國道1號-大安區-板橋 953班車」於「金山區公所」、「金山郵局」或「加投里」下車。[直接轉搭接駁車]

  5. 於淡水捷運站旁搭乘淡水客運「淡水-金山863班車」於「金山區漁會站」下車。[直接到會場]

  6. 於基隆火車站旁搭乘基隆客運「基隆-金山790班車」於「金山區公所」、「金山郵局」或「加投里」下車。[直接轉搭接駁車]

  7. 於淡水捷運站或基隆火車站旁搭乘「基隆-淡水862公車」於「金山區公所」、「金山郵局」或「加投里」下車。[直接轉搭接駁車]

  8. 於淡水捷運站或基隆火車站旁搭乘「862皇冠北海岸線」於「加投里」下車。[直接轉搭接駁車]

By Car or Motorcycle

  1. Taipei→Tamsui→Tamjin highway→Jinshan
  2. National Highway No. 3→Wanli Interchange→Dawulun→Provincial Highway No. 2→Jinshan
  3. Shilin→Yangde Boulevard→Yangmingshan→Yangjin highway→Jinshan

Free Shuttle Bus to the Event Site